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Michael Brückner – Two Letters from Crimea

by Frank Meyer in Album

I discovered “Two Letters from Crimea” by Michael Brückner two weeks ago via Bandcamp. The new live album is recorded during his concert at St. Peter church in [...]


Album Reviews

Album Reviews

Album Reviews

  • ambient artist experimental music

    Washed Away Memories by Leonardo Rosado

    March 22, 2014 // 3 Comments

    Since the release of Leonardo Rosado‘s debut album The Blue Nature of Everything I was tracking his work as a musician, poet and photograph. All of his artistic facets [...]
  • Nheap ambient music experimental jazz post-rock artist

    Flying and the Silence by Nheap

    February 9, 2014 // 2 Comments

    Finally an album that covers so many of my favourite musical genres, that is ambient music, experimental music, post-rock and jazz. Without any doubt the new album Flying and [...]
  • IDM_Breakcore_Classical_Ambient_Album_Darkness_Overwhelms

    Darkness Overwhelms by Find Hope in Darkness

    January 9, 2014 // 0 Comments

    The moments when I catch myself by talking about “the youngsters” or “the youth” or “the kids” seem to occur increasingly frequent. This [...]
  • ambient album neo-classical music

    Transcend With Time – When Emotions Fade

    October 30, 2013 // 1 Comment

    It’s funny, but it seems that I have a little twist in my musical perception. When I first heard When Emotions Fade I found it to be very harmonic and uplifting in a [...]
  • ambient music event horizon

    Chronotope Project – Event Horizon

    October 30, 2013 // 0 Comments

    Another release by Relaxed Machinery netlabel and yet another which was inspired by cosmology and astro-physics and the omnipresent urge to find a spiritual foundation. To me [...]

Music Production Tools

Gear Reports

  • rewind live audio on mac apple
    What It IsIntermission allows users to stop time, and rewind it too. It provides the ability to pause and rewind live audio, making it a perfect tool for any and all [...]
  • Steinberger style headles guitar built from a kit by ML-Factory

    Build your own Guitar or Bass

    August 19, 2013 // 2 Comments

    Finally finished! My first custom-built guitar is ready to rock. Well, not exactly a custom-built, because I used a do-it-yourself kit from ML-Factory, a german luthier shop [...]
  • Mixing_Audio_Roey_Izhaki

    Book Recommendation:
    Mixing Audio by Roey Izhaki

    August 19, 2013 // 0 Comments

    This book was the best piece of literature on mixing I’ve read so far. It helped me so much to understand the various ways to set-up the instruments and tools, how to [...]

Music by Darage Bang

Some Classic Faves


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Happy New Year to all of you!
There are some updates to this ambient music blog: first of all I'd like to welcome Christine Hager as a guest author. I'm very pleased by her first contribution, a review about trance/chill artist OM from Chile. I hope she'll write some more in the future. Thank you very much, Christine!
If you want to contribute either as an artist and/or reviewer, please get in touch via
I usually tried to publish monthly on a regular basis, but this didn't work, due to lack of time. So, there will be fewer, but more regular new posts and I hope I'll be able to keep up a constant flow of new reviews.
Finally, I hope you like the new design.

Frank, January 2015

About the Blog

This blog is dedicated to ambient music, experimental music and all the other sounds from all over the world, which do not fit in the mainstream, which are a bit strange or weird, unrecognized and made by misfits exploring the fringe of musical composition and beyond the horizon of ambient music. On this ambient music review site, you'll find features, spotlights and interviews on new and inspiring album releases, artists, music gear and music related literature. And a little bit of my own stuff ;-)   For any questions, suggestions or critics, get in touch :-)

Frank Meyer

Frank Meyer

Creating things since 1969.

Well, in the first one or two years, I mainly created poop. But I early realized that I suffer from the creative itch. I always felt the urge to free my imagination and ideas from the prison of my mind and make them become real. Or at least materialize it in our threedimensional world, which seems to be somehow different. Either as modifications of light in form of color, art and graphics or as modifications of air, such as music and sound.

And I need to eat, drink and sleep. Therefore I have a job which supports these needs as good as possible. And I use the biggest part of my spare time to do the rest.

By day I'm a senior art director in an advertising agency.

By night I make music.

Still trying to figure out what is good for :-/


Drone music album – Voices in the Mist by Darage Bang

by Frank Meyer in Album

Voices in the Mist by Darage Bang Simply following pictures of my imagination and the keyword “Fog” in mind, the album is a dark and melancholic drone music composition. The mind wanders through lonesome woods and along abandoned paths. The perfect soundtrack for long and dark autumn [...]


Random Experimental Music

Murmur – Microclimate EP

by Frank Meyer in All Articles

Sometimes musicians (and many artists in general) crave for publicity. Public recognition is the psychic aliment with the most calories and they all are trying to bite off a big piece. Then, there are those who prefer to stay incognito. They tinker around with their sounds and noises and lock the [...]


Random Interview

Michael Brückner – Ambient Music Composer, Performer and Networker

by Frank Meyer in Interviews

The way we consume music today has changed dramatically in the past ten years. Both the new freedom in music production, due to increasingly affordable digital gear, and the new individual distribution possibilities through the Internet, uncensored by the traditional music industry, have turned the [...]


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