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Well it's your decision ... Here's a brief summary to save your time:
Me, Frank, making electronic music since 2008. I like it – hope you like it, too. Thanks to all my friends. Live long and prosper. Cheers.

Now read on, if you like ...

The Person

My name is Frank Meyer and I live in southern Germany. By day I'm a graphic, web and motion graphics designer at a creative agency in the B2B business. Music was my passion since the late eighties. I was playing guitar and bass in several bands, covering styles from Hardcore to Guitar Pop. Then there was a break with bands for a bunch of years when I started learning my profession and founding my first freelance studio. Music, especially playing guitar, always accompanied this period, but just for fun and exercise.

The Beginning

In 2008 I discovered the app Garage Band on my Mac, which I used then with much passion to make my first steps into electronic music. I was fascinated of the manifold sonic possibilities the new digital equipment was offering and I could explore sound and music in a whole new way. I loved to dive deep into sound scapes and ambient textures and in the result several more or less ambient and experimental digital albums came into life. Like for many other musicians, it is much more than entertainment. It is a means to express ourselves in a much more efficient way than words or pictures could do. Music translates, reveals and transforms feelings. It's therapeutical in many ways. And yes, it's entertaining.

The Companions

Especially due to the influence of Roman Leykam and Frank Marks ambient-experimental albums I turned towards the ambient music genre and experimented with sound and compositions. I did some cover artworks for Roman and Franks label a few years ago, then we lost touch due to family business. Roman and I met again after a while and I played some music I created the months before. He encouraged me to keep it up, and in secret he was aiming at a future collaboration, when I was ready. This happened in 2011, when we started working on "Primal Ocean", our first mutual album. Since then we released another Frank Meyer | Roman Leykam album "Levitation" in 2014, which already was much more consistent, because we much better understood the mutual creation process. Both albums were released on Frank Mark Arts and finally in 2015, the latest collaboration album between Roman Leykam, Frank Mark and myself was released with the title "HEX". Besides the creative interactions, I increasingly became the "mastering guy" for several other releases of the label. I'm very interested in music production theory and it turned out that I had a knack for it ... so they say.

The Present

There's one thing that keeps me making music: It makes me happy.
In the past this understanding was covered up by many irrelevant hopes and ambitions. Such as fame, acknowledgement, pride, earning money etc. Or opinions of how music has to be or what it should be good for. Nonsense.
Music must make you happy.

Enjoy the sound - enjoy your life.

Frank, January 2017