Release Notes

A new release by Darage Bang marks the end of 2015 and a turn towards new musical expression. Since 2008 I’m making ambient and experimental music, which is charachterized first of all by long evolving soundscapes and mostly rhythm-free approaches. Now I want to take a look at the other side. Dub Techno is one of my most favourite music genres since years. The album contains 8 “classic” Dub Techno tracks and 2 Ambient Dub Techno tracks, which pay reminiscence to my musical heritage.

Furthermore what I love about Dub Techno is the possibility to create hypnotic beat-driven tracks, which are colored by so many nuances of noises and sound sources, e. g. escalator sounds (“Ascent”) or coffee machines (“Percolator”). It is therefore a great playground for sound design.



Dub Techno album EXXO

Sputnik Music – Review by Tristan Jones

… Darage Bang’s level of endurance is impressive. There are no thinly-spread ideas, and each track sounds creatively arranged. … Each song averages at about six minutes, and takes enough time to become a self-sufficient marvel. Darage Bang arrives a bit late to the party with a late-December highlight, but EXXO demonstrates the virtue of patience.