Digital Native [EP]

Release Notes

Digital Native is a 3 track album where analog and digital sounds dance together on a cinematic stage and lead the listener into hypnotically rythmic soundscapes.

Generally the best things happen by accident. Exept accidents, maybe. This time it was a lucky accident that I started tweaking my little analog synth – a Doepfer Dark Energy – and feeding its analog signal into a very nasty chain of digital effects. I was immediately fascinated by the mating dance of the highly dynamic analog sound and the delicate and versatile gating and delaying effects of the digital plugin.

This was when I came up with the metaphor of the Digital Native. The Digital Natives are the new generation of kids and young people, who are growing up in a fully digitalized and interconnected world. Although being fully “analog” biological entities, their minds and their communication is digitally supported, especially by the internet. Both worlds enrich and fertilize each other and I believe that they have the big opportunity to free themselves from misinformation, propaganda and lies, which are spread for so long across society by governments and their ministries of lies, lobbyists, commercial braodcast networks, advertising etc. Of course the big players want to control the web and feed it with their “truths”, but it is proved over and over, that they will not succeed to control a decentralized network from their centrlized and obsolete points of view.