Fate Plays

Release Notes

Original Soundtrack from the motion picture “Fate Plays” by Santosh MP.
Music composed, performed and produced by Frank Meyer aka Darage Bang.

Seven brooding tracks carry the listener through the fatalistic story of the film and convey the cold hearted realms of greed, corruption and conspiracy, shaping the neo-noir thriller’s atmosphere and portraying the story’s dark ambience perfectly.
The track ‘Predator Lurks’ introduces the inevitability of fate with deep atmospheric soundscapes from which the theme of the track gradually emerges. ‘Noughts and Crosses’ continues the theme of fate with harder, cinematic rock elements, ultimately building to a huge and powerful climax. ‘Power Games’ and ‘Small World’ return to a dark, ambient soundscape, each with their own distinct atmosphere. The dark grimy beats and feel of ‘Sylphs’ takes the listener through a tense passage in the film to the beautifully peaceful but cold ambience of ‘Remorseless’. Collateral brings the soundtrack to a close with the sense of an atmospheric twist, indicating that even happy endings aren’t always what they seem.
Deep, dark and engaging, ‘The Soundtrack to Fate Plays’ is an emotional and compelling journey not to be missed.