Glory Drones

Release Notes

In fact, this is not intended to be a drone album, it's an Ambient one, spiced up with some Dub elements. But bright and harmonic drones are the base of all tracks.

I like to listen to Drone music along with many other genres. But I realized that drones often are dark, threatening and depressive. Also after some time of listening to them, I have so many ideas how to add more instruments and composition to the sound. So, this was an attempt to make a drone based album, but with bright harmonies and sounds and instruments adding more movement and composition to the mix it ended up as an ambient album. And I like it.


darage-bang-glory_drones_ambient-album-remasteredGlory Drones has been remastered in 2013 and is now also available through Aural Films Netlabel, which is curated by Jack Hertz.