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Jim Graham – Connexion

Creative, Beautiful, Uplifting

ambient music album connexion Jim Graham

The album Connexion by Jim Graham is a multi-faceted ambient chillout album, which provides much more than soothing background sounds. It contains 11 complex and intelligently composed tracks, of which each has it’s own little story or message. My impression is, that Jim Graham is a seeker for the good and harmonic in the world, without being just a stupid esoteric believer. The industrial sound nuances and the sometimes distracting mechanical artifacts show that he’s aware that we’re living in world full of struggle and alienation. But every track also tells a story of relief, forgiveness and hope, without drifting into shallowness. Not to forget to mention the wonderful voices and vocals by Jillian Graham, who enriches the one or the other track.

Connexion is a really beautiful concept work and you should allow yourself this little hour of pure sonic storytelling.

This player has more tracks than the album Connexion. Go to CDBaby for the album playlist.

ambient artist Jim graham album connexion

Jim Graham is a Seattle bass player who enjoys playing all styles of music. When composing, he prefers to express his creativity in the electronic, ambient, atmospheric genres. For this second CD, Jim plays many instruments to achieve sound, textures and mood. Some of the musical, non-musical instruments, and techniques used: bowing the electric bass and guitar, egg slicer, kitchen whisk, computer heat sink, kalimba, cajon, upright and electric bass, keyboards- to name a few. No looping was used- he plays each instrument through the song’s entirety.


1. Connexion:
Sci fi ambient. Visitors arrive to our planet and everyone initially thinks it’s a threatening invasion and the end of the world- when in reality it’s a peaceful connection into a new dimension.
2. Generator 890
Industrial Sci-fi
3. Messenger
Organic. Sunrise at Chunwang Peak- from dawn to the full power of the sun. Jillian Graham vocals
4. Chant
Organic. The wisdom of Mount Kailash
5. Tomorrow
Post industrial
6. Fire & Water
Organic, acoustic.
Steve Torgerson- drums
7. Yes 예
Lullaby on Jeju Island
8. Northwind
Polar wind trance
9. Steel Dawn
Industrial- heading to the office in a busy futuristic city. The work day begins
Steve Torgerson, drums
10. House on the Hill
Whimsical circus. Visiting the house on the hill and opening doors lets out wacky visitors who want to play- until it’s time to leave
11. To the Moons
Ethereal. Ready for take off; propelled into space, surrounded by light and gently floating to the moons.
Jillian Graham vocals

Jim’s first solo CD “Where Angels Go to Rest” received excellent reviews and can be heard and purchased on Cdbaby

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