by Frank Meyer | Roman Leykam

Release Notes

Levitation is the second album by Frank Meyer (aka Darage Bang) and Roman Leykam and the 23rd release via the German independent music label FRANK MARK ARTS (FMA). Both being ambient, experimental and avant-garde musicians and producers, Meyer and Leykam have a long-term artistic relationship, which developed from graphic design collaborations for FMA, over the first music project on the album Primal Ocean, to the actual album.

Levitation features 12 tracks, covering a versatile range of calm and meditative, sometimes dense and surprising, but always harmonic music with over one hour of total playtime. Based on guitar-synthesizer improvisations and guitar-treatments by Leykam, Meyer accompanied, remixed and arranged the final pieces. The music on Levitation is inspired by the exuberant plurality of the internet as well as by ethnic sounds and also by the heritage of the veterans of early electronic and synthesizer music.

Also available via Frank Mark Arts (www.frank-mark-arts.com), CD-Baby, Amazon, iTunes and many more.