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Mythos Incanportos –
V/A Release out on October 18th

An amuse-gueule by J.M. Von Kotterhausen


‘Mythos Incanportos’ is a compilation effort of J.M. Von Kotterhausen and a crucially important list of Guest Ambient Artists who were personally invited and answered the call with superb talent and class.

The ambient album will be a free download for the entirety of the 18th, during the Full Moon.
There is going to be a package set of fractal image files to be emailed, including the full size picture of the original cover art; every Guest Artist has a different fractal exploring the visual accompaniment of their sound. It will be uploaded at my bandcamp site. Eventually the album will be disseminated through the internet via an aggregator.

This project really began at the end of July; I wanted to offer something special. After all, this was and is my Ambient debut, though I had toyed with Experimental for a couple of months prior, to take in and re-acclimate myself to the old controls. I had toyed with experimental sounds before, and I really appreciate the avante garde. To give an idea of what those times were like, I cut up samples of Orson Welles famous ‘War of the Worlds‘ broadcast, with some xeno-funk.

I have long loved Ambient Music so much. I started on some early Steve Roach, and it just steamrolled, from there – really changing my life. Out of nowhere, in the Summer, I ended up having a broken dam of creative torrents surging; kind of a tap on the shoulder that I was now going to move into sound engineering and audio production, and the art of vibrant sounds – especially my love of vast oceans of haunting but healing synths and pads. The artists who joined; once again, I could not have been happier with them and their contributions. It was a necessity to me that any emerging at all would absolutely come across as a collaborative. It’s a mutual respect thing; I have a sound, and I like to let the sound be its own wave or force, so I can never really judge it in and of itself; it isn’t good or bad when I do it, though I’m able to critically and constructively support others, anything that comes from me is either mine and the sound I love that represents me, or is not mine and fails to do so. I can’t really weigh my creativity in terms of that’s good or that’s bad; just what needs to be worked on. Just what needs to be worked on, or is coming into completion and crystal clear resolution.


Vibrant Journey album art by J.M. von Kotterhausen

 So, I feel more accomplished myself in being complimentary to helping open a legitimate venue to others’ getting a chance for expressive ‘wave riding’ side by side. Any harmonious creating is good, but when everything else can fade to being in that zone of a mutual grok of ‘the sound’, the art that represents your essence and upgrades you in a unison respecting your integral choices and approaches, well that’s the completion occurring no singular one sound or even massive compilation undertaking can possibly begin to compliment; that’s Life. That’s the Gift of the Artist experiencing the crystal clear resolution by the modus operandi in their catharsis.

You don’t ever have to worry about ‘getting it wrong’, or a bad approach, because a personal sage in my life, who was my 4th grade art teacher, had the mantra, “There Is No Wrong In Art”, and it saved my life more than one time, even. The best Artists who have this Gift alive at their core natures, both know, and have a calm rather than a frustration, in that the greatest intensive communally developed masterpiece available to be had & known is the tip of the proverbial ice berg.

Ambient Artists Release Mythos Incanportos

Fractal album art of Mythos Incanportos

On that note, it is so important to keep networking and collaborating and improving our visionary striving, and I’m glad to finally be emerging from the truest sense of the underground of the art world with these Ambient Artists being featured upon this ambient album. As I wrote in a bandcamp preview track upload, they have been like much needed Daylight nucleus factor to interweave my abounding lunar currents and substance amongst.

I love doing that, and love when others believe in me that I can, and accentuate why their unique voices are so great while myself offering something good to the banquet of Life’s Gallery and Concert Hall.

Thanks to Frank for hosting the article and announcement, without venues like these, I could have so little value in the venues I open; we are quantum symbiotic universal forms in constant opportunities to construct with and from each other with veneration of ours and their originative essential virtues.

The brilliant minds contributing to this album in chronological order are:
Zero Ohms
Rudy Adrian
Jim Cole & Spectral Voices

Enjoy the work, and my best to you all.
J.M. Kotter [AmoebiKathedral]

Ambient Artist JM von KotterhausenAbout the author:
J.M. von Kotterhausen is an Ambient Music Producer, writer of poetry and prose, visual artist and conceptual photographer. He’s savvy in all forms of project presentations that look good, combining all venues of expression.


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2 Comments on Mythos Incanportos –
V/A Release out on October 18th

  1. Hi,

    This is really nice ambient music reminiscent of some of the best stuff they played on drone-zone and this cd i have called “between worlds” from Ultimae (Aes Dana’s label).

  2. AS I’m listening to the Amazonian Floor Symphony, I am completely transferred into another realm. I have moved beyond the ordinary and I am lying on the forest floor. For the moment I ‘see’ nothing, yet I hear everything! Once I have taken in the sounds of all that surrounds me, I open my eyes to the most beautiful, colorful palate Nature has created! I am in Paradise.
    This is certainly a piece of art which I could use over and over again to move over to ‘the other side’ of consciousness.
    The ending is my ‘call back’. I only wish it were a longer piece.
    Thank you for this most beautiful work of art, Maya

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