Release Notes

PHOSPHENES is characterized by soundscapeish ambient music tracks, sometimes crescending into stirring and fiery climaxes. Also Dub Techno and Industrial reminiscences contribute their flair to a multisided album, which will keep the listener at it.

The new album Phosphenes features twelve tracks and has a total play time of about an hour. The musical genres vary between cinematic ambient music with experimental character and more rhythm orientated pieces, which borrow guitar and drum artifacts from industrial and rock genres.

On some tracks I intentionally cross the border from pure ambient music to more aggressive and disturbing sounds and arrangements, which forces the listener to leave his comfort-zone for a moment, lifting him up high to the crest of a wave and let him fall back into the calm waters of soothing soundcapes and synth spheres – until the next wave arrives. Phosphenes is not a chillout album, but a journey through ups and downs drawn from life itself.

Click the track link for the lyrics of track "Nein" (Mephisto's answers to Faust).

Watch the track video of Phosphenes on Youtube: