TheraMusik Vol. 1

Release Notes

TheraMusik Vol.1 is relax music for body and soul and the perfect ambient entourage for yoga, meditation or imaginative journeys. The soulful ambient relax music – a balm for stressed minds and leads directly into deep relaxation.

TheraMusik is the right ambient sound for professionals from the psychological and physiological business. You can play the royalty-free relax music in your practising rooms and waiting areas. It is also perfect for everybody, who wants decent and professional composed and recorded music for meditation and yoga execises. Or just to relax or come to sleep.

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3 x 5-minutes preview (full-length album: 65:57 minutes)

3 Tracks of Relax Music

Here's a brief description of the three tracks on this album. Each track has a length of about 20 minutes, which fits great to most practising units of meditation, yoga or many other exercises.

Mond über der Oase (engl. Moon over the Oasis)

The first track Moon over the Oasis takes the listener to a mystic journey. Enjoy the calm and warm night of a solitude oasis, far away from everydays business, noise and hassle. You can pause in the silence, calm down your mind and let flow your imagination. Known and unknown impressions interweave to an exotic trip through your own creative diversity, which is allowed to be explored with serene cheerfulness.

Reise mit dem Wind (engl. Journey with the Wind)

The second track invites you to a Journey with the Wind. Carried by the wings of the air, you will flow through space and time, open your mind and experince the weightlessness of your own imagination. The breezy element lifts you over wavy fields. Over forests with trees swaying in the wind, planes of open water and the peaks of the highest montains. Cozyness and freedom are the attributes of the journey. Relaxation and letting-go its goal. The wind carries you where you want to go, either it might be near or distant. In the end you will find yourself at home, both physically and mentally.

Bis zum Morgen (engl. Until Dawn)

The third track is an company through the night and Until Dawn. You can dive deeply into the subconscience, explore it and find peace of mind. The composition leads into the inner world of dream pictures, memories and inspiration. From there it is allowed to travel beyond into the realms of sleep and dream. Or to emerge into the day with all the new mental experiences, where they can be transformed into serenity, courage and creativity.

All titles can be directly downloaded as MP3s in high bit rate.

All tracks are royalty-free (no ASCAP or GEMA) and are allowed to be played in professional ambiences without any additional fees or costs.