Voices in the Mist

Release Notes

Simply following pictures of my imagination and the keyword “Fog” in mind, the album is a dark and melancholic drone music composition. The mind wanders through lonesome woods and along abandoned paths. The perfect soundtrack for long and dark autumn and winter days.

The first track originally was ment to be an entry to Aural Films’ “Fog Music” drone music series. But being a big procrastinator and I also wasn’t aware of an entry deadline, I missed it and I have to release it by myself. The 32-minutes track is based on a first composition/improvisation, which is just as half as long. The piece then went through several modifications, such as a time stretch and equalization, but also some other electronic manipulations to receive the dense and opaque, but flowing structure this drone music track should be.

Additionally, I included the underlying shorter version, which provides more common compository elements than the drone music version. It may be easier to digest for the unarmored ear. But of course the basic track is already at the edge of drone music as it features several “droning” elements and no percussive sounds are involved so far.